Report of SDGs Activities

Report of SDGs Activities carried out by Justice Development and Peace Caritas [JDPC] Awka from January to April, 2018. Justice Development and Peace Caritas [JDPC] Awka has the mandate and responsibility to ensure that the social welfare of the Society is not left unchecked especially byGovernment representatives who the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has empowered to provide and utilize the resources of the nation for the general interest of itsCitizens.
Furthermore, The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Awka; His Lordship Most Rev P.C Ezeokafor gave the directive that JDPC Awka should endavour to have its spread and tentacles within every parishes of the Diocese so asto reach-out to all and sundry including those Living with Disabilities, Minority groups and Women as well Children and Vulnerable Youths. To this effect, the Director; Rev Fr Simon Anigbogu and the Staff of JDPC Awka in the year 2018, has constructively designed and is executing projects which tend to promote the actualization of the 17 points SDGs that are generally accepted worldwide as a measure of positively changing lives that can sustain the environment as it improves the society and grow the economy.

SDGs Targets Activities Carried out that relates to the SDGs Targets
No Poverty
JDPC Awka believes that Agriculture is a mainstay of the Nation’s Economy and it can employ more work-force,so it was carefully chosen as an economic venture thatcan control poverty by engaging more people. To this effect, 50 Hectares of Farm Land has been prepared for the cultivation of over 5,000 tubers of Yam, Maize and Cassava crops.
No Hunger
To reduce Hunger, JDPC Awka coordinated the Diocesan Easter Sharing of Food Items, Relief materials and Monetary Enumeration to over 463 indigent persons categorized as;82 Adult Males, 216 Adult Females, 72 Young Boys, 36 Young Girls and 57 Children [19 Boys and 38 Girls]. In total, disaggregated into 173 Males and 290 Females.
Good Helath and Well Being
JDPC Awka adopted several health related cases providing medical interventions to especially the indigent ones of the society in dire need of medical attention but have no source of finance to meet to their medical bills as they seek treatment. Some of these cases adopted by JDPC Awka are;
1. A Lady suffering a case of severe body Infection was treated at Regina Caeli Hospital Awka and is now healthy after the treatment was completed. 2. ApolloniaDunu is suffering from Space occupied injury in the Brain andcurrently undergoing treatment at All Saints Hospital, Agulu.