Creating a better world

Vision and Mission


A developed world where human dignity is held sacred, moral and political consciousness awakened in citizens to demand for their rights through Peace and Justice.


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To promote and provide responsive and care for justice, peace and good governance through up-holding education and working in close relationship with the poor and the Read more...


Credibility, Transparency, Accountability, Commitment.


The Justice, Development and Peace Caritas JDPC was established by the Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1967 in response to the summon of the Second Vatican Council which states that the Church should be concerned in the building of a Just and Peaceful world, and that presence of peace is not just absence of war. His Holiness Pope Paul VI’s encyclical letter ‘PopulorumProgressio’, focused on the development of people, that the ‘progressive development of people is an object of deep interest and concern to the Church.’ The essence of this commission is to awaken in the people of God full awareness of their mission on earth and to further the progress of poorer nations and international social Justice. In the light of this, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria established Justice, Development and Peace in order to help people of all faith to break away from the cycle of poverty through community-based sustainable development initiatives.
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    Report of SDGs Activities carried out by Justice Development and Peace Caritas [JDPC] Awka from January to April, 2018.

    Justice Development and Peace Caritas [JDPC] Awkahas the mandate and responsibility to ensure that the social welfare of the Society is not left unchecked especially byGovernment representatives who the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has empowered to provide and utilize the resources of the nation for the general interest of itsCitizens.

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  • UN Int'l Women Day

    Location - Anambra State, Nigeria

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  • Our Bookshop

    Location - Awka, Anambra State

    3. BookShop Project sponsored by JDPC Awka is initiated to meet the demand of the public for Sacramentals and other Holy Books

  • Community Empowerment and Development Initiative [CEDI]

    Community Empowerment and Development Initiative [CEDI] project as implemented by Justice Development and Peace Caritas [JDPC] Awka is designed to contribute towards eradicating poverty and improving the standard of living for community members. This shall be achieved through the provision of Scholarship to indigent students, school buses to schools to control transportation and ensure the safety of students, and a skill acquisition program on Tailoring.

    So far, there have been;
    • 100 beneficiaries in the Scholarship program
    • A School has benefitted from the School Bus donation program
    • 40 Women/ young girls beneficiaries in the Skill acquisition in Tailoring program where they shall get Tailoring kits after their Training session.